ADB- Improvement of Roads


Rehabilitation and Improvement of Roads Including Construction of Damaged Culverts and Bridges Spread in Province of Sindh

The unprecedented intense heatwave followed by a long spell of monsoon, had caused devastating floods in Pakistan due to which ADB is financing the Emergency Flood Assistance Project (EFAP). The main goal is to prepare sub-projects that meet technical, economic, climate resilience, environmental, operational, and social requirements set by ADB and the Government of Pakistan. AIE-PK is part of delivery team which is hired by ADB to meet the goals and objectives of the assignment. AIE-PK to responsibilities on the project includes:
• Design and design review of highway payment design, detailed geometric design with detailed highway safety report and pavement design with surface and subsurface drainage on basis of detailed soil investigation, axle load study and traffic surveys.
• Designing road furniture design including traffic signs and geometries, traffic control features, drainage designs, rehabilitation and repair plans, traffic plans and amenities with detailed specifications and cost effective multi hazard resistant design following four lane carriageways on NHA standard. AASHTO, ASTM, ACI codes will be adopted.
• Pavement design with surface and subsurface drainage.
• Reporting and Documentation

  • Asian Development Bank (ADB) & Government of Punjab
  • Completed
  • 2023