CAA – Extension / Upgradation of Runway and Allied Facilities at Saidu Sharif Airport

PCAA, as the national aviation authority of Pakistan, plays the role of a regulator in developing infrastructure for safe, efficient, adequate, economical, and properly coordinated Civil Air Transport Services in Pakistan. AIE-PK, in partnership with a local firm, has been awarded the contract for the extension and upgrading of the runway and allied facilities at Saidu Sharif Airport in Swat. AIE-PK, as a joint venture partner with the local consultancy firm, is responsible for the project feasibility study, preliminary and detailed design, followed by construction management services. The airport’s planning activities will be designed to meet the sustainable aviation requirements of the country and strategically promote not only tourism industry but as well as the defence requirements in the Swat region.

  • Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA)
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  • 2020 - Ongoing