City Of Stamford Urban Transitway


City Of Stamford Urban Transitway (SUT) -Phase I, NY – US

AI Engineers, Inc. (AI) performed construction engineering and inspection for the Stamford Urban Transitway, Phase I. The SUT provided a much needed east/west connector south of the Metro-North tracks between Atlantic Street and Elm Street. In a future phase, the Transitway will be extended easterly to a new intersection with Route 1.
The Transitway provided improved access to the Stamford Transportation Center Railroad Station and recently expanded Parking Garage. This project included a four lane roadway with turning lanes approximately 1,100 meters long. It included a major widening to the east on Atlantic Avenue, and widening and reconstruction of intersections from Atlantic Street to Elm Street. New sidewalks and bikeways were installed for the entire length.

  • City Of Stamford Urban Transitway
  • Completed
  • 2007-2012