IIL Pakistan Cables Factory


IIL Pakistan Cables Factory Project, Nooriabad

IIL, a prominent player in Pakistan’s steel manufacturing sector, embarked on the Pakistan Cables Project in Nooriabad, where they undertook the construction of steel structures for a production hall. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, IIL enlisted the services of AIE-PK for Project Management and Construction Management (PM/CM). AIE-PK’s responsibilities encompassed overseeing critical phases, including foundation work, the installation of plinth beams and slabs on grade, the precise positioning of steel columns alongside concrete stub columns, and the assembly of the steel superstructure, which comprised high-strength structural elements manufactured by IIL. This collaboration ensured the successful realization of IIL’s production hall project.

  • International Industries Limited (IIL)
  • Completed
  • 2022