Structural Vetting of Ktdmc, Korangi Karachi

AIE has been enlisted as Vetting Consultant for duration of three years by PIDC. AIE shall carryout Architectural, Structural & MEP Vetting of Buildings for which are located Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) in Sindh Province. This project of KTDMC is located in Korangi Creek Industrial Park, which falls under the authority of PIDC. KTDMC has been established in 2005 with an objective of running an Information Technology based common facility center, primarily for improving the skills of the engineers and designers. AIE-PK is providing Architectural, Structural Design Vetting and MEP services for this project.

  • Karachi Tools Dies & Moulds Centre (KTDMC)
  • Ongoing
  • 2023 - Ongoing