NHA-INFRA-3 Sections


NHA – Feasibility Study and Detailed Design Project for Three Sections, Pakistan

AIE-PK with its consortium is conducting feasibility study and detailed design of following sections:
• Flyover over Tarnol Railway Phattak along with Dualization of Tarnol Urban Area up to Naogazi
(6.5 km approx.)
• Dualization of Naogazi – Fatehjang
(Approx. 28.5 km approx.)
• Dualization of Fateh Jang to Janet section of N-80 (Approx. 68 km)
AIE-PK will also provide design support for road/bridge, site investigations analysis, preparation of technical documents, and BOQs.

  • National Highway Authority (NHA)
  • Ongoing
  • 2020 - Ongoing