HBL South Region Facilities Support

HBL, a renowned financial institution in Pakistan, has earned numerous awards for its excellence in the industry. With an extensive reach, it serves a massive customer base of over 27 million individuals. Operating through a network of 1700 branches and a vast network of 20,000 ATMs, HBL extends its financial services to customers in more than 15 countries worldwide. AIE-PK, in its role as a consultancy partner, provided support to HBL in various projects within Southern Region properties particularly at HBL Plaza, HBL Annex Building, HBL Square & HBL IT Innovation Center in Karachi and HBL SITE branch in Hyderabad. This support involved services such as the preparation of Bills of Quantities (BOQs), cost estimates, precise measurement & verification of quantities during interim and final bill verifications, bid evaluation of contractors. Furthermore, AIE-PK scrutinized material cost within Variation Orders, a vital aspect of cost control and financial management for HBL’s property developments in the Southern Region.

  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Completed
  • 2022