BIM Solutions & Remote Services

BIM Solutions & Remote Services

At AIE, we are passionate about embracing the potential of cutting-edge technology in the construction industry. We integrate advanced technologies like BIM/3D, UAS, TLS, wireless monitoring, AR, VR, and AI to transform how we approach construction. Our expertise empowers our Architects, Engineers, and Construction (AEC) professionals, providing them with invaluable tools and insights tostrategize, design, and manage buildings and infrastructure.  We collaborate with global partners to deliver smart device and sensor-based solutions, spanning various aspects of construction, transportation, and urban challenges. Our comprehensive data-driven wireless monitoring systems offer vital support during and after construction. In an increasingly interconnected world, AIE offers remote design services that transcend geographical boundaries. Using advanced communication technologies, we seamlessly integrate our expertiseinto projects worldwide, delivering accurate, creative, and efficient solutions. Our commitment to technology-driven excellence knows no bounds, as we work towards building smarter and more resilient cities.


Remote Services

Featured Projects:

Al-Babtain – Various Schools & Masjid, Medina – KSA

Al-Babtain – Warehouses, Dammam – KSA

Riyadh Park Environment Development Review, Riyadh –KSA

KD Real Estate Developers: Construction of (2B+G+25)
Mixed Use Building at Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

Prism Heights LOD 400 BIM Clash Detection and Allied
Services, Islamabad – Pakistan

DHA Multan, Head Office Building (BIM), Multan – Pakistan

TPL One Hoshang (BIM), Karachi – Pakistan

Drone Survey & 3D Modeling of Heritage Building at NED
University, Karachi – Pakistan

NRSP – Mapping of Water Supply Services & Quality for
District Thatta, Sindh – Pakistan


AIE-US TBTA Bridge Safety Fence (BIM) – US

AIE-US MBTA Sprinkler System (BIM) – US

AIE-US Pugsley Creek Chamber Structure (BIM) – US

AIE-US Toelles Road Bridge (BIM) – US

AIE-US Wolcott Street (BIM) – US