Infrastructure & Urban Development

Infrastructure And Urban Development

At AIE, our Infrastructure team stands as a testament to diversity, passion, and remarkable engineering talent. Operating within a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment, we take pride in delivering sustainable infrastructure assets to our clients and communities. With a steadfast commitment to timelines and budgets, AIE has established ourselves as a trusted partner in this arena.vOur clientele ranges from city municipalities to local and international public authorities and developers, industrial, and commercial hubs. What sets us apart is our holistic approach – we offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing initial planning, design, project management, construction supervision, and commissioning. for Construction & Development of Recreational Park Hund, Swabi on PPP, KPK, Pakistan

Featured Projects:

ADM Infrastructure, Karachi – Pakistan

Swabi Recreational Park, KPK – Pakistan

KITE Tourism Project, KPK – Pakistan

Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), Karachi – Pakistan

DHA Storm Water Drainage, Karachi – Pakistan

Jumani Housing Colony, Karachi – Pakistan

TPPL SHK & KHI Terminals Hydrological Study – Pakistan

Pakistan Navy – Extension of Berth with Sheet Piles

NRSP Water Supply Services and Quality, Thatta – Pakistan