Project & Construction Management

Project And Construction Management

At AIE, we specialize in successfully overseeing intricate projects and programs, consistently achieving remarkable results within designated schedules and budgets. Our team collaborates closely with all stakeholders – owners, architects, designers, contractors, and vendors – from initial discussions to project completion, ensuring cost-effective and timely project delivery Our approach is rooted in innovation, practicality, and sustainability. We offer comprehensive solutions that cover the entire project lifecycle. This process begins with thorough feasibility studies and concept planning, followed by design and procurement phases. Subsequently, we seamlessly progress into construction, commissioning, and final project closure. AIE’s unwavering commitment to excellence and our holistic project management approach have earned us a reputation as a reliable partner, capable of delivering successful projects that meet and exceed expectations.

Featured Projects:

Grand Monarch, Karachi -Pakistan

A & Z Tower (Office Building)

Bakshi Elegance, Karachi – Pakistan

NHA Jhal-Jhao to Bela Section Highway

VAVA Car Warehouse, Karachi – Pakistan

Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), Karachi – Pakistan

HBL – Facilities Support, Sindh – Pakistan

CAA – Saidu Sharif Airport, KPK – Pakistan

EMAAR, Park Edge, Karachi – Pakistan

International Industries Limited (IIL), Karachi – Pakistan

PIDC Repair and Renovation of Head Office, Karachi – Pakistan