TPPL Lab Design


TPPL Lab Design at Shikarpur Terminal, Sindh, Pakistan

AIE-PK assumed a pivotal role in the development of a cutting-edge laboratory facility at the Shikarpur Terminal. Our scope of services encompassed the entire design process, from conceptualization to the structural design calculations and the preparation of a detailed Bill of Quantities. Our commitment to delivering excellence extended to the preparation of tender documents, comprising procurement specifications, construction specifications, a thorough Bill of Quantities, and intricate architectural and engineering drawings, tailored to the unique needs of TPPL. This project not only showcased AIE-PK’s prowess in providing end-to-end design solutions but also underlined our dedication to facilitating the seamless realization of TPPL’s vision for an advanced laboratory facility.

  • Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL)
  • Completed
  • 2020 - 2021